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QR Code Generator For KDP Book

Using a QR code in your books can be very beneficial for your Kindle Direct Publishing books.

Here are the main QR code uses for your KDP book:

  1. Follow on you on Social media:

    You can send people links to follow you on Facebook, Instragarm, Twitter, etc. Or even better create a linktree page so they can easily follow you outside of Amazon.

  2. Join Facebook Group book club:

    Create a Facebook group for your online book club, and get all your readers to join and be part of a group where they can interact with you and other like minded readers.

  3. To leave a review to your Book on Amazon

    Send them straight to leave a review about your book.

  4. Ask you Questions

    Set up a place where they can ask you questions. Could a phone number, some chat, email address, Facebook Messenger etc.

  5. Fill out a Survey

    Create a survey with Google Forms or another free platform. This could be to get opinions on topics, what book they would like next, etc.

  6. Show a KDP book trailer

    Create a book trailer for your next Kindle book. You could create this yourself or hire someone on Upwork or Fiverr to create one for you.

  7. Photo gallery / Colored Images

    This can be especially useful for black and white books if you want a way to add color images to your book. Or if you need to keep the page count down but want to show extra bonus information in your book.

  8. Show a Video

    You could create a video to introduce yourself and establish a stronger connection with your audience or show a video for some product or service you offer. Could even be a webinar.

  9. Recommend the Next Book

    If you have a series this could be a perfect way to send them to the next book. Or maybe you have books in different niches, you could introduce them to another kind of book you have.

  10. Free Download

    You could create extra value / bonuses for free. Extra chapters, free guide, more coloring pages, extra puzzles, etc.

  11. Link to free Audiobook

    You could create an audiobook version for your book and give it away for free. Or even just a link to your paid audiobook.

  12. Be more Interactive

    Get creative and find ways to be more interactive with your audience.

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